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Retreat Experiences

Empowering Women's Health - a day with Jill & Lis


Sunday, 28 April 2024   10am – 3pm BST

Ewshot Village Hall, Tadpole Lane, Ewshot, Farnham, GU10 5BG


Come and enjoy an exploration with Lis and Jill in Ewshot Village Hall, where you will have the opportunity to find out how to support Women's Health.

Our time together will be in two parts, a Womens Health Yoga Workshop with Jill, then a break for lunch and a walk, followed by Restorative Yoga with Lis.

Support your body throughout the different stages of your life: connect, release and move your body - a women's health yoga workshop with Jill Elliot Yoga where you'll work with your breath and body awareness to understand how the ways you move and use your body, can influence how your pelvic floor muscles feel. Jill will also share her personal experiences, tools and resources to support your body throughout your life.'

Specific topics: breathing mechanics including intra-abdominal pressure, embodied moves for the pelvis using the breath to connect with the pelvic floor, feet to head movements and how these influence how the pelvic floor feels (including abdominal release breathing and calf stretching).

The later part of our time together will give you the opportunity for deep rest, guided by Lis in a Restorative Yoga practice supported by doTERRA essential oils you will enjoy gentle movement, breath work and guided meditation.

Investment - £75

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