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movement - strength - health - wellbeing

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You don't need any previous experience to come along to my Yoga classes - I really believe yoga is for everyone, no matter how young or fit you are.  My Yoga classes are mixed abilities classes and there are a mix of people who come along to them - some have never done Yoga before, some come for a particular reason, for example, back pain, and others come because they want a bit of time for themselves each week.  During my classes we explore how Yoga poses build movement and strength, the different ways our bodies move and how breath awareness can change how we feel, with different options given for each Yoga pose we do to enable you to do what feels right for your body

Take some time for you, grab your mat and join me for Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

Join me to prepare for birth and feel calm and empowered throughout your pregnancy

by booking a block of classes or a single class when you're 35 + weeks

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